Stories of My Family

My Ancestry in Vignettes & Photographs


My name is Sarah, but you can “Call me Cordelia!” Among other things, I am an amateur genealogist.

After my grandfather retired, he filled most of his time by researching his family history. When I was in middle school, he started sharing his research with me. It quickly became my passion, too, and I spent hours pouring through his documents and organizing them into family trees and story groups.

Here I am with Grandpa and Aunt Katie, after college graduation, 2003.

Before his death, he gave me all of his paper research (remember, this was before the internet) and then I discovered I love that site! My uncle had also begun his own site, but it was never completed, and so here I am.

Hopefully this will continue to grow, never finished as our family expands and more stories are uncovered and created!


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