I found this death certificate recently and was surprised to see the mother listed as “Wilhelmina Frohmberg.” I didn’t know of any Frohmberg relatives who lived south of Cleveland. I thought maybe this might reference the “shirt tail relatives” my grandpa would vaguely talk about.

Ancestry.com didn’t provide any answers (because I’m not currently a paying member), but I was about to spend some time on FamilySearch.org. I looked into the Rader family and it looks like Anna’s mother’s maiden name might’ve been “Fromberg” or “Fehanberg.”

For some reason, Ms. Rader has two death certificates. On one, her mother’s name looks very close to “Frohmberg,” however, on the second one you could interpret the handwriting differently.

Anna Mary Rader Death Certificate: mother listed as “Wilhelmina Frohmberg”
Anna Mary Rader Death Certificate: mother listed as “Wilhelmina Fehanberg”

I think it’s very interesting that she has two different death certificates as well as her mother’s maiden name being filed under two different last names.

I don’t believe Anna Rader is related to us; however, anything is possible. I haven’t been able to connect a Wilhelmina to our family (other than Lena), especially one married to a Rader who had children. Someday I hope to find these “shirt tail” relatives my grandfather was always talking about…