I’ve written about my great-grandmother, Nellie, and her aunts and uncle before. Since then, I’ve found the aunts’ death certificates. Not very uplifting, but they were a little illuminating.

Aunt Louise’s Death Certificate (1920): C.O.D. Pneumonia
Aunt Anna’s Death Certificate (1929): C.O.D. Uterine Cancer

The frustration continues, though. I haven’t been able to find any concrete information regarding Aunt Anna’s husband (on the certificate named “Martin Martin” but at some point, someone in our family named him “Joseph Martin.” Searching for both has revealed squat.

I did just notice that on Aunt Anna’s certificate, her parents are listed as John Jacobs and Barbara Strub. This is interesting because for her certificate, Nellie’s husband, Paul, was the informant. For Aunt Louise’s certificate, Nellie was informant. I find it strange that Paul would know the names of his wife’s aunt’s parents, but Nellie wouldn’t. I guess this could be explained logically if Anna wasn’t around when Louise died and it was Anna who provided the information before her death. Still, Paul doesn’t strike me as the kind of person who’d remember these details (also I wonder why he was the informant at all, for Louise (1920) or John (1921)).

I don’t know if the Jacobs’ siblings (John, Louise, Anna, and Rosa) parents were named John and Barbara. Hopefully with time, I’ll be able to find the answers!