Over Labor Day weekend in 2015, my dad’s cousin and I met in Cleveland to do some in-person digging into our family tree. We planned to drive through the old ‘hoods to find the family homes, find as many headstones as we could, spend some time at the Cleveland History Center to take a gander through old documents… and, of course, to take gobs and gobs of pictures!

Day three brought us back to Knollwood, where we found the graves of Louis and Emma (née Rosenberger) Brenne (father and step-mother of Nellie Frohmberg) thanks to a little note at the bottom of a funeral receipt.

Then we drove around the Case Western Reserve campus, where my grandfather and Ginny’s father attended in the 1940s and 50s.

We spent most of the day at the Western Reserve Historical Society: Ginny on the microfilm looking for anything on John Jacobs, Anna Martin, and Louise Jacobs (Nellie Frohmberg’s uncle and aunts) and me at their free Ancestry site searching for Grandpa’s long lost aunt.

We were both successful!

Ginny found the funeral notices for all of Rose (née Jacobs) Brenne’s siblings plus the article covering John Jacobs’ suicide. I found the lost aunt: Helene Margaretha Ernestine Frohmberg. It had been over a decade since I’d done research of this depth–and I was in seventh heaven!

We spent the evening wandering Lake View Cemetery, where former President James A. Garfield and Grandpa’s Aunt Anna Martin are buried. The cemetery is gorgeous, apparently called “Cleveland’s Outdoor Museum.” We spent hours trying to find Aunt Anna’s grave to no avail. Ginny returned after I’d left for home and found her!

President Garfield’s Memorial, Lake View Cemetery, Cleveland Ohio.
Aunt Anna Martin’s grave. Lake View Cemetery, Cleveland Ohio.