Young Alfred Dillingham, undated photograph
Young Alfred Dillingham, undated photograph

Many Dillinghams fought during the Civil War. My great-great-great grandfather, George E. “Doc” Dillingham served and survived.

Several of his brothers also served, including his youngest brother, Alfred.

Alfred married Margaret Miller in 1854; they had 4 children: one daughter and three sons.

Right before their marriage, Alfred bought 40 acres in Williamson County, Illinois.

Illinois Public Domain Land Sales: 40 acres sold at 1.25 per acre in Williams Co. Illinois, April 4, 1853.

Alfred enlisted in Company H, Illinois 81st Infantry Regiment with his brother-in-law, Jonathon Miller. Alfred enlisted as a private, but was promoted to full corporal; Jonathon enlisted as corporal, it is not known if he earned any promotions.

Sadly, Alfred was wounded, captured, imprisoned at Andersonville, and later died of his wounds in a Confederate hospital in Alabama in 1864.

Andersonville Prison records
From; Alfred is buried in Mobile National Cemetery, Alabama.
From; Alfred is buried in Mobile National Cemetery, Alabama.
*Find a Grave death date is incorrect; he died in 1864.

About a year after his death, Alfred’s widow married William Dallas DeWoody and had 5 more children.

This is all I know about Alfred; I was able to trace a lot of the DeWoody branch, but since they do not directly connect to me, I will not go into that here. I did find pictures of two of Alfred’s sons: Thomas and Vachel.

Young Thomas Dillingham, son of Alfred
Young Thomas Dillingham
Thomas and Vachel Dillingham, 1932
Thomas and Vachel, 1932









(Vachel is a family name from Alfred's mother's father who was from Alsace-Lorraine; more on Alfred and George's mother later).