I corresponded with my Great Aunt Bonnie, wife of Cliff (grandpa’s brother) for years. She provided me with gobs of fun and interesting anecdotes about her family and her relationships with Cliff’s family.

Bonnie Frohmberg was born Enid Green in a more posh area of Cleveland: Shaker Heights. Her father was a well-respected immigration lawyer who died tragically after being hit by a car while he was crossing the street.

I found out later that one of Bonnie’s friends was the daughter of Cleveland’s first mafia family: the Lonardos; they lived a few blocks over. Aunt Bonnie was not allowed to go to the Lonardo house, but her friend was always welcome in the Green home. Apparently, there was a lot of funny business going on at the Lonardo home, including drive-by shootings.

The following are snippets from an email from her, March 1999:

This has nothing to do with anything, but I thought you’d get a kick out of it. A man went into the YMCA for dinner. It was the worst meal he’d ever eaten and he asked to speak to the dietitian. They ended up married and he ate her cooking for the rest of his life. This was my uncle Guilford and Aunt Toody!


I suppose you’ve heard of B.F. Skinner, the behavioral psychologist and Harvard professor. Well, my cousin, Yvonne, married him and their daughter, Julie, is coming out here next week.


My Uncle Horace lived outside Cleveland and came into town occasionally for a visit. One day, he stopped in with his dog, Toodles, a dachshund mix. We weren’t allowed to have a dog, so Mother was not overly happy to see Toodles. Finally she said, “I’d give Toodles a bowl of milk but she’d probably slop it all over.” Uncle Horace replied, “I promise you, if you give her a nice bowl of milk, she won’t spill a drop!” So Mother found an old bowl and filled it with milk and set it down on the floor. Toodles went over, took one sniff, and walked away. “See,” said Uncle Horace, “She didn’t spill a drop! Toodles hates milk!”