Along with our unknown soldier, this photograph has long been a mystery I’ve wanted to solve. It is not dated and many of the individuals are not identified.

I believe it was his brother, Cliff, who shared an even poorer quality copy of this photo and provided the caption including “c. late 1920s.”

From Uncle Cliff, Grandpa's younger brother.
From Uncle Cliff, Grandpa’s younger brother.

Ignatz and Lena and Paul appear young-ish, so I’m beginning to doubt the late 1920’s guess as to when it was taken. I don’t know enough about fashion at the turn of the century to make a better guess.

I have so many questions!!

Who are the “Friends”?

Could “friend” one and “friend” two be the Messmers or the Boehms? (The male friend looks younger than the female one… making it doubtful they’re a couple?)

Which cousin from Detroit? Was she a Frohmberg or a Scheffler (Lena’s maiden name)? Or someone else entirely? (I had no idea we had any relatives there!)

The children are not my grandfather or his brother (according to my memory of an old conversation I had with Grandpa), are they connected to the friends or the cousin? Did my grandfather misremember or not recognize himself in this admittedly poor quality image? 

I don’t suppose I’ll ever know, but that will never stop me from trying to figure it out!