At a dinner party, Dad shared that he had overheard a conversation between my grandfather and his brother in the 1960s that went something like this:

Uncle Cliff: “So, you remember that Newman Hardware Store?”

Grandpa: “Yes, the one on 12th Street?”

Uncle Cliff: “That’s the one.

Grandpa: “Wasn’t their son kind of a ne’er do well, not staying with the family business?”

Uncle Cliff: “Apparently, he made a name for himself in Hollywood.”

At this point, Dad interrupted them, “Are you talking about Paul Newman?!” They confirmed, but quickly lost interest.

Dad then got on the internet (like I just did) to confirm that yes, Paul Newman did indeed grow up in Cleveland and yes, his father did have a sporting goods store.

* Note: Paul Newman was born in 1925 and grew up in Shaker Heights, a suburb of Cleveland. Uncle Cliff’s wife, Bonnie (born 1923), was also from Shaker Heights; her father was a lawyer. It’s more likely that she knew Paul Newman; I doubt he ever crossed paths with a Frohmberg.