Nellie on May 1st 1943 at New Haven, Ct. (Yale U.) for Richard's 2nd Lt. Commission.
Nellie on May 1, 1943 in New Haven, CT for Richard’s 2nd Lt. Commission.

This is the home Nellie moved into at the beginning of 1942. I believe she lived here until she moved to Southern California in the 1960s.

Grandpa (her son, Richard) remembers that his bedroom was on the second floor, on the left. He lived with her while he was in college until he enlisted in the United States Army Air Corps in August 1942. I believe her younger son, Cliff, stayed with her until he enlisted in May 1944.

Richard was later stationed in Nebraska where he met my grandmother. They were married in 1945 and moved into their own home in Cleveland after the war.

Clifford moved back in with his mother after the war. It was here that Cliff spent long hours in the basement to the point his mother thought he was suffering due to his experiences in the war; however, he was just tinkering with lamps and other electronics to modernize his mother’s home. Cliff stayed there until he married in 1947.