This is the home of Nellie’s aunt, Anna Martin. Nellie and Paul moved their family here in 1925. When Paul and Nellie divorced and Aunt Anna died in 1929, Paul left, but Nellie and the children stayed until 1935.

From Uncle Cliff, 2001:

Anna Martin [née Jacobs] lived with us in the 30’s on E 108th Street and died and was buried from home. Dick [Richard] and I have some interesting memories from that era.

Clifford and Richard, both under the age of 10, circa late 1920s.
Clifford and Richard, circa late 1920s.

Both Grandpa and Uncle Cliff remember Aunt Anna being bedridden at the end of her life.

They said that they used to pass the time shooting peas at her, but she never told on them.

They also remember Anna’s death and how her body was laid out in the living room for the wake. They both snuck down to look at her dead body the night before the funeral (which was also in the home).